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The first ever HTML5/JavaScript Developer Conference in God’s Own Country

Nidhiya V Raj


“I have seen the future… It’s in my browser” – says the web developers of Kerala For the first time in history, God’s own country – Kerala showcased a HTML5/JavaScript Developer Conference at Kochi.The two day conference started on April … Continue reading

HTML5/JavaScript Developer Conference 2014



Developer conferences happen around the world. Some of them in India. But very rarely do such events come to South India. That’s where a bunch of young developers from Kerala decided to bring the first-of-its-kind HTML5/JavaScript Developer Conference to South … Continue reading

Mozilla @ SMC 12th anniversary



Hola, I was a hola at Swathanthra Malayalam Computing, so I would like to start with the planning for the event rather than giving a brief intro at the start. Read more about the event : I would like to announce … Continue reading

Mozilla2School – II

Abin Abraham


Well… Are you thinking what Mozilla is doing at schools……….??? Don’t you know that Mozilla is old enough to just be in high school…??? (she’s just 15 years old… :P) but intellectually she’s way above that level. She only interacts … Continue reading