Net Neutrality : Now or Never



A few months back, the United States of America proposed to release a bill which enabled large telecom and cable corporates to choke the transmission of the data over the internet. These companies attempted to discriminate the data based upon the sender and regulate the speed in which it reached the user. Today, India is facing a similar issue. And it’s time we reacted. It is India’s turn to show how much we love the web. We need to protect and safeguard the open web – the largest public resource. Continue reading …

Empower WoMoz v2



Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Technology for Women (LBSITW) is one of the prominent colleges in Kerala focused on educating women in the field of technology. Mozilla Kerala organized a AppDay and a Webmaker event for the ladies of LBSITW on January 24, 2015. 15 Mozillians joined in organizing the event. This event was a true milestone for us both in terms of active participation and the response we got back from them. They were a bunch of eager and enthusiast women enthralled to learn about Open Source and Open Web technologies. Continue reading …

Firefox OS AppDay @ GCEK

Rigin Oommen


Mozilla Kerala organized a Firefox OS AppDay on Tuesday, January 6, 2015 at Government Engineering College, Kannur.

We were really surprised by the response we received for the event. This was the first event of the community in the new year 2015. We received a large number of responses for the event. This event was the first in the northern part of Kerala and it was very well received.

The welcome speech was given by Mr. Mohammed Mohzin followed by the Presidential address by Prof. Dr. T D John of the Mechanical Department. The event was inaugurated by the Principal Dr. V Syam Prakash followed by a felicitation speech by the Head of the Department of the Computer Science & Engineering Department Dr. Sivadasan P. ReMo Abin Abraham explained the activities and motto of Mozilla to the audience. Student Representative Aswath K gave the vote of thanks and concluded the official ceremony of the day.

The event kick-started by Abin Abraham giving a general introduction to Mozilla and the various projects of Mozilla other than Firefox. The participants were astonished to know that Mozilla was not just about the web browser, but much above that. Towards the end of the session, the audience got a clear idea :

Mozilla is not an organization that simply makes a web browser, but its a global community of like-minded people (developers) working hard to make the Web more beautiful.”

Next up was a was a quick session by Eldhose K Shibu on introduction to HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. He also demonstrated the magical power of the web. It led the audience to the magical spell of the power of the web. Later, Vigneshwer Dhinakaran conducted a session about the Firefox OS and its working.

Smartphone devices with Firefox OS running were the big attraction at the event. Student were really surprised and amazed to see smartphones that were running on something other than Android. The Flame reference phone was the key highlight of the day.

Rigin Oommen handled the development session in which he explained how to make applications for Firefox OS. It revealed the real power of the HTML to the participants. The participants were amazed as he explained the real possibilities of HTML5 and the Open Web.

The afternoon session was completely utilized for making creative apps by the participants. Mozillians Amal K Mathew,  Nadeem Ahmed and Faheem K helped the participants to bring out their inner creativity.

Later, Kumaresan Subash explained about the Firefox Student Ambassadors program of Mozilla and encouraged the students to join Firefox Student Ambassadors. Finally, Rigin Oommen and Faheem K announced the winners of the AppDay. The day ended with a photo session of the participants with the organizers.

Check out the complete album of the event on flickr

MozCoffee v4



It was back in June 2014 that we had our last MozCoffee Community Meetup v3. And we needed to meet up to plan for the year ahead. A few very active mozillians (around 20 people) grouped together on Sunday, December 28, 2015 at Marine Drive, Kochi to recap about our activities in the past year and plan ahead for the new year 2015.

Abin Abraham Akhil James
Binoy Balu Eldhose K Shibu
Faheem K Jithin “Riddler” Shah
Kumaresan C S Midhun Manoj
Neethu Sajeevan Nidhiya V Raj
Praveen “psbots” Sridhar Rigin Oommen
Sethu Sathyan Shine Nelson
Sirajul Muneer Varghese Thomas E
Vysakh Rajan

Our Agenda for the day was :

  • Recap of events in the past year (2014)
  • Planning Ahead for the new year – 2015
  • Planning and finalizing of WoMoz Bootcamp
  • Planning a Firefox Student Ambassador Meetup across the state by dividing the meetup in 3 regional zones
  • Firefox 10 Celebration

The scheduled time for the meetup was 02:00PM, but some of us arrived early and warmed up by the time everybody else arrived. Everybody came trickling. We started around 01:45PM when we had enough people to start. Midhun started by giving a recap of the past events and what was on the roadmap for 2015. He then gave the floor to shine to talk, discuss and plan the most important upcoming event – WoMoz Bootcamp.

The WoMoz Bootcamp was the main agenda of the day and needed the most time for discussion. He proposed a skeleton of what he had in his mind on how the event should be organized. We then discussed and modified on how the event should be. Shine suggested that we needed to get the opinions of potential participants’ about how they would want the event to be organized so that we could organize an event that would be fruitful and productive. He then engaged with the WoMoz that had come for the meeetup – Neethu Sajeevan, Nidhiya V Raj and Sethu Sathyan. In the meantime, the rest of the participants under the lead of Midhun and Kumaresan discussed on how to organize the Firefox Student Ambassador Meetup over 3 regional zones across the state. When the discussions finally ended, we had finalized the WoMoz Bootcamp and listed down the activities that needed to be done. The Firefox Student Ambassador Meetup was also on the right track.

After this we went on to cut a cake to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Firefox. We couldn’t organize a celebration in November since the student volunteers were busy with their university exams. So we did it now.

We concluded a fun-filled day with a photo session as usual.

PS : There are no pictures in the post as they have been uploaded only to facebook as of yet. The post will be updated with pictures soon. Stay Tuned. Thank you for your patience.

Developer Bootcamp 2014



Spending seven months on discussion board and it was finally here, Developer Bootcamp 2014. Initial plan was to boot-up the existing coding skills of attendees to make contribution to Mozilla Code base & also other open sourced projects.

Organizing an event that is first of it’s brought its own difficulties, so we limited the attendees to 25 and making sure the attendees have experienced the organizing headaches in some forms in their life. With an audience capable of accepting sudden changes in plans and schedules gave us an extra hand in planing the event, for the information we had 4 Plan changes and the final & stable plan was rolled out 24 hours in advance of the event :).

Documenting the Undocumented

Primary agenda of this blog post is to make a Documentation on the idea of Developer Bootcamp, thought general procedures & elements of the event can be documented in Developer Bootcamp Wiki, event specific materials must stay out of WiKi to stay clean and act as an SOP.

This blog brings together all the activities happened during the event in Organization  & in Participants perspective. For stories of what happened on the two days :


		          Develper Boot Camp 2014
			      9th August 2014
10:15 AM - 10:30 AM : Introduction 
10:30 AM - 11:30 AM : Introducing Mozilla Code base , Projects and codes.
11:30 AM - 11:45 AM : Tea 
12:00 AM - 12:30 PM : Bugzilla environment
12:30 AM - 01:00 PM : Intro to version control
		      Demoing git 
01:00 PM - 02:00 PM : (: LUNCH :)
02:00 PM - 04:00 PM : Share Why u came for bootcamp
		      Resume Sessions on git
04:00 PM - 04:15 PM : Tea
04:30 PM - 06:00 PM : FFOS 
07:30 PM - 09:00 PM : Dinner 
		      General work-flow and projects in Mozilla ecosystems
                      By Mick Cooper 
                      ( Video Call )
********************************* END FOR TODAY ****************************

		          Develper Boot Camp 2014
			     10th August 2014
10:15 AM - 10:30 AM :  Break Fast
10:30 AM - 11:30 AM :  Finish of GIT
11:30 AM - 11:45 AM :  Tea 
12:00 AM - 12:30 PM :  Hacking a Project
12:30 AM - 01:00 PM :  FFOS Hacking	( psbots )
01:00 PM - 02:00 PM : 	(: LUNCH :)
02:00 PM - 03:00 PM :  Community Building   ( Gautham Raj  & Kutty )
03:30 PM - 04:00 PM :  Mozilla Style Guides ( Jafar )
04:00 PM - 04:15 PM :  Tea
04:30 PM - 05:00 PM :  Group Pic & Socialise 
************************ END OF BOOTCAMP ****************************

We tried out a couple of different organizing methods during the event that made it a little different, The changes made are mentioned with the reason we believed for the change.

First Try was to move the user engaging sessions post Lunch : This is to ensure that the most energized time during the start is utilized, the excitement will keep the attendees live during the hours before lunch. Keeping the intro section after lunch helps to navigate through the sleepy hours.
I agree this won’t work in all cases, at least when attendees don’t know each other, but this can be a useful change in many cases.

Results: Post Lunch Sessions on Day one and Two were : Introduce yourself  and Community Building which was perfect for engaging the attendees. Results were positive.


Mike Cooper [:mythmon], Web Developer, Support Mozilla (SuMo)

Second Try was to merge Remote sessions with other activities, like lunch, Dinner or coffee, this doesn’t mean the activities must be done simultaneously. Merging the sessions with these activities will give some extra push to the participants to complete the tasks.

Note : Do not force the attendees complete lunch, Dinner or coffee in short time at least 40 Mins is to be alloted before planing other activities. This won’t work if the remote sessions involves attendees participation in some kind other than listening.

Results : Time lost with Internet Issues which popped up during the video call had minimal effect on the schedule.

These were a few experimental changes we had with bootcamp.


Moving on to the agendas of event, we managed to solve all the bug created during the event for demonstrating the Bugzilla work-flow.

Attendees did work on other bugs in Mozilla Ecosystem, will publish the bugs after the post attendee survey.


A total of 10 Pull requests were made by participants on a Mini web portal project BootCamp under the community repository Mozilla Kerala.

Community Building

Community is a fundamental part of our life on the planet, the primary idea of bringing in a Community Building session was to encourage the developers to work as a community than individuals and also to strengthen the Mozilla community.

We did it

Developer Bootcamp 2014 Proved to be an awesome event with  fun, excitement, Merges and more, with help of awesome mozillians we were able to complete the goals on paper to reality to a greater extend than we thought of.

Much more happed at Bootcamp 2014, the joy and fun we had could only be experienced in presence, here is a video of what happened during the two short days, it shows more than what can be documented.

I would like to thank all the attendees of Bootcamp for making this a memorable event.
Hoping to see more Developer Bootcamp around the world.