Web-Compatibilty & Test Pilot Sprint – MBITS



Mozilla Kerala organized a Web-compatibility & Test Pilot Sprint at Mar Baselios Institute of Technology and Science (MBITS) on October 06, 2017.

The event started around 10:00 AM by introducing the contributions done by Mozilla, the future of the web, web technologies and cross-browser compatibility to about 40 participants from different departments of the college.

Next, a browser compatibility test demo was shown to the participants for them to understand the importance of browser compatibility.

The participants were then divided into teams of three members each to test a set of websites that were often visited in the state. The tests was conducted on different platforms such as desktops, laptops as well as different mobile devices.
The exercise helped in building interest among the participants for the testing of the website compatibility. The teams showed team-spirit as they divided the task among each other by selecting one device per member.

The teams were able to identify issues with many of the websites provided. They were able to identify bugs as well as compatibility issues on different platforms. The most common issue that was identified was issues with alignment of elements. While the elements seemed to align well on the desktop browsers, many icons and buttons were deemed not-user-friendly on mobile versions. All of the observations were recorded on an etherpad.

During a short 20-minute break, some participants shared their experience and their views on web-compatibility which was inspiring for the others. Many participants really engaged and asked for guidelines for future contributions to web-compatibility.

After the exercise, we had a discussion on add-ons and cross-browser web-extensions. Mozilla add-ons are evolving to web-extensions and by the end of 2017, there will be a standard format for all browsers. Existing add-ons would be converted to web-extensions.

We then introduced Firefox Test Pilot to the participants. We showed them how to install the Firefox Test Pilot add-on and explored the 4 currently running experiments :

  • No More 404s
  • Activity Stream
  • Tab Centre
  • Universal Search

The participants were eager to download, install and play around with the Test Pilot experiments.

Finally, we summarized what we had covered during the day, distributed some Mozilla swag and bid farewell around 02:00 PM.